Quick Answer: Do DoorDash Customers See Your Phone Number?

How do I contact DoorDash customers?

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Call Customer Support855-973-1040 Customer Chat Customer FAQsGetting started, your DoorDash orders, and payments..

Can Dashers see your rating?

If you check your rating very frequently, you can tell when you get dinged. But even then, it could be from any order you’ve taken in the last 100 that wasn’t already rated, not necessarily your most recent order. No you can’t. The rating can happen immediately or weeks later.

What will disqualify you from DoorDash?

Specifically, you cannot have any “major violations” in the last seven years. These include but are not limited to DUI, driving with a suspended or expired license, and failing to stop and report an accident. Certain violent crimes will also disqualify you from driving for DoorDash.

How do I get a refund from DoorDash?

Request a Refund Over Live Chat a phone call, go to DoorDash’s Contact Us Customer Support page and click on the Chat icon. Inform the customer service representative about your issue and why you would like your money back.

Can DoorDash customers see your location?

No. It’s not as soon as you accept. It depends on your phone, app and location settings. They definitely do once you’ve arrived at the restaurant no matter the settings though.

Is DoorDash dangerous?

Doordash is as safe as you make it. To make it safe you’ll want to take precautions and never put yourself in a situation that makes things unsafe. … Doordash is as safe as you make it. To make it safe you’ll want to take precautions and never put yourself in a situation that makes things unsafe.

What happens if your DoorDash never arrived?

Select the order that was never delivered and click Help located in the upper right hand corner. Under Delivery Issues, select Order never arrived. Follow the on-screen instructions find the best resolution for you. … Your order that was not delivered is now resolved.

How do I stop being a dasher?

Please remove all of your scheduled shifts and then contact DoorDash Support to process your account deactivation. Be sure to include the email address or phone number associated with your Dasher account. DoorDash will remove your personal information based upon state employment law requirements.

How do I report a problem with DoorDash?

855-973-1040 is the number to use for support issues whether you’re a customer, Dasher, or restaurant owner.

Can DoorDash customers see your name?

U can change your last name to just an initial on your profile settings. … Nope, they see your full name.

Do I need to tell my insurance I drive for DoorDash?

DoorDash requires that all Dashers maintain an up-to-date auto insurance policy. The only exception is when Dashers dash exclusively using bicycles or, in some areas, by foot. Damages sustained to your vehicle in an auto accident are your responsibility and should be addressed by your auto insurance carrier directly.

What does the checkmark on DoorDash mean?

How does DashPass benefit me? On average, DashPass customers spend more money and order more frequently with DashPass restaurants. You’ll also get a branded checkmark next to your store name and you may when customers search for DashPass eligible restaurants.

How do I chat with Dasher support?

Please chat into support:Click “Help” (iPhone) or “?” (android) in the upper right corner of the app.Select “Something Else”Press “Start Chat” with support agent.

Why is my DoorDash customer rating so low?

YOUR RATINGS ON DOORDASH Dashers that are consistently late, deliver orders with missing items, or behave unprofessionally, typically receive lower ratings. … To continue using the DoorDash platform, you must maintain a certain Customer Rating.

Can DoorDash rate customers?

Ratings are calculated on a “rolling basis,” so, as you dash, ratings from past deliveries will be replaced by ratings from more recent deliveries. Customers rate their food and their Dasher separately, so your rating should only reflect the customer’s delivery experience.

Can someone ride with you on DoorDash?

Yes, Doordash does not monitor whether or not you have someone in the car. While it’s not encouraged to do so, you may bring other people with you on your deliveries.

What do the colors mean on DoorDash?

By default, the color of each region is gray. There are three other colors that a region can display which are a very light pink, regular pink and red. … When a region is light pink, you will be able to login and start dashing in that area. Doordash explains this color to mean that there are some orders in the region.

Is it bad to decline orders on DoorDash?

You lose a lot of time on an order like this and earn hardly anything for your time. Sure, when you decline orders like this your acceptance rate will go down, but it really does not matter. I have spoken with Doordash reps on multiple occasions, and you cannot be deactivated for your acceptance rate.