Quick Answer: Can I Redeem PC Points On PC Express?

How do I redeem Optimum points on PC?

Your points can be redeemed at nearly 2,500 locations from retailers including:Loblaws.No Frills.Shoppers Drug Mart.Real Canadian Superstore.The Independent Grocer, and more..

Is PC Express more expensive?

PC Express Delivery PC Express grocery delivery is a little more expensive than grocery pickup. There is a service fee of 7.5% of your order total (before taxes). So a hundred dollars of groceries would mean a $7.50 service fee.

What is the minimum order for PC Express?

$10The minimum order size to use PC Express Delivery is $10.

How do I transfer my optimum points to another computer?

To convert current points to the new system, customers can go to one of the almost 2,500 stores the system covers to swap existing PC Plus or Shoppers Optimum cards for a PC Optimum card. Customers can also download the PC Optimum mobile app, or create an account online at www.pcoptimum.ca. 3.

What is PC express delivery?

PC Express is a grocery click and collect & delivery service owned by Canadian retail conglomerate Loblaw Companies. The service began in October 2014 and the company now has over 700 pickup locations and delivers to ~70% of Canadian households.

How do I redeem PC points online?

How to Redeem Points OnlineLink your PC Optimum card number to Your Account if you haven’t done so already. … Add the items you’d like to buy to your bag then proceed to checkout.Once your account is linked you’ll be able to view your points balance.More items…

How do I connect my PC to optimum PC Express?

How to merge your points into PC OptimumStep 1: Create your PC Optimum account. You have to register and create a brand new PC id. … Step 2: Link your accounts. Then you can actually choose which account you’d like to link to your PC Optimum account. … Step 3: Verify.

How does PC Express pickup work?

Pickup. When you arrive, you simply pull into one of the designated parking spots, call the number on the sign, and wait for them to bring out your order, which is waiting inside in the PC Express freezers, fridges and shelves.

Does PC Express accept credit card?

🚛 We deliver Nationwide! 💳 Now accepting all major credit/debit/prepaid cards (VISA/MasterCard) as online payments!

Can you use PC points on PC Express?

Simply link your PC Optimum card to your www.loblaws.ca account and spend the required amount for the bonus offer. … Can I earn PC Optimum points on my PC Express orders? PC Optimum is available for online grocery orders. Use your www.loblaws.ca account to link your PC Optimum account and start shopping.

Can I use PC points for gift cards?

While customers can purchase almost anything in-store with their points, there will be some exclusions, such as gift cards and alcohol.

Can you redeem PC points at No Frills?

Here is a little more detail: Earn and spend PC Optimum points at almost 2,500 participating stores, including stores like Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drug Mart. Visit our store locator to see all participating locations in your area.

How much does it cost to use PC Express?

How much is PC Express Pickup? You’ll be charged a $3 to $6 fee for PC Express Pickup, depending on the location and your chosen time. This fee is waived for PC Insiders – and right now, it’s waived for everyone to encourage social distancing. Check out all the details for PC Express Pickup here.

What can you use PC points for?

You can use your PC Optimum points to pay for groceries and just about anything else at the check-out at participating stores. Redeem for your complete purchase or to pay for a portion of your purchase.