Quick Answer: Can I Cancel An Order Before It Is Delivered Argos?

Can I cancel an order before it is delivered?

Delivery period Under the Consumer Rights Act, the default period for delivery is 30 days.

If the retailer doesn’t deliver within the time frame agreed or by this 30-day period, you have the right to cancel your order and receive a full refund.

This applies whether the goods were due for delivery on a set date or not..

Can I cancel an Argos order online?

You can cancel it in the RECENT ORDERS section of Your Account. If you haven’t collected your order once the reservation time has passed, we’ll presume you no longer want it.

Do Argos text you before delivery?

We’re on our way. We’ll text you with a 2-hour delivery window on the evening before or morning of your delivery, and one of our friendly drivers will also call you to discuss delivering your order safely.

Can you change your Argos delivery date?

For large items Our friendly drivers will contact you on the day, to discuss delivering your order safely. If you are self-isolating, please make us aware so we can rearrange your delivery date. *Please note prices may change but you’ll be able to see any delivery charges before you pay at the checkout.

Can I cancel a very order?

Access the ‘Recent Orders’ tab in My Account. (You’ll need to log in if you haven’t already) Find your order, then click ‘Cancel Item’. You will then see a confirmation message to confirm if it’s been possible.

What happens if you don’t collect Argos order?

If you’ve paid online and don’t collect your order from our store within 7 days, we’ll give you a full refund. This should arrive in your account within 5-7 days. Or if you’ve reserved, we’ll stop holding your items, if you don’t collect within 2 days.

How do I cancel my Argos card?

Lost or. Stolen Cards Please call us on 0345 605 4380 so we can cancel the card straight away. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, except Bank Holidays.

Why did Argos cancel my order?

Why has my order been cancelled without me requesting it? During this time of high demand, popular products are selling out, which may result in orders being cancelled. We’re working hard to replenish stock levels as quickly as we can for our customers.

Will Argos take away old sofa?

Here at Argos we don’t just recycle old jokes – we also recycle old products. So when your new product is delivered, we’ll take away your old item to be recycled, along with any excess packaging.

Who delivers for Argos?

Fast Track is the first time that Argos has offered a full UK-wide same-day delivery service with its own drivers and liveried vans for online sales – but the retailer has worked with Shutl on a same day delivery service for reservations from around 300 selected stores.

Can I cancel a kitchen order?

Your order documents will describe the cancellation process. In the meantime, rather than spend another day thinking about it, put a cancellation letter in the post to the place where you ordered it, and the address that you got a confirmation letter from.