Question: What’S The Richest City In Ohio?

What is the nicest city in Ohio?

Let’s have a look at the best places to live in Ohio:Dublin.

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West Chester.

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Upper Arlington.



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Westerville.More items….

What’s the most dangerous city in Ohio?

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Ohio For 2020Chillicothe. Dan Keck/Flickr. … Dayton. Doug Kerr/Flickr. … Cleveland. Erik Drost/Flickr. … Cincinnati. David Berkowitz/Flickr. … Springfield. Cindy Funk/Flickr. … Portsmouth. David Wilson/Flickr. … Logan. Dan Keck/Flickr. … Lima.More items…•

What is the richest county in Ohio?

DelawareOhio counties ranked by per capita incomeCountyMedian family income1Delaware$333,6982Geauga$76,7803Warren$82,0904Medina$76,69963 more rows

What is the most expensive place to live in Ohio?

Detailed List Of The Most Expensive Cities In OhioRankCityExpensiveScore1Oxford16.02Athens16.333Beachwood21.674Bowling Green33.3346 more rows

Who is the richest family in Ohio?

Ohio’s richest resident is Les Wexner and his family, the retailer behind L Brands who is worth $4.7 billion, according to Forbes. L Brands operates both the Victoria’s Secret chain and the Bath & Body Works chain. Wexner was born near Dayton, Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University.

Is Ohio nice place to live?

Consistently ranked one of the best states for business, Ohio offers residents many benefits too, including a low cost of living, excellent schools and good recreational opportunities.

What is the richest town in Ohio?

Indian HillThe Village of Indian Hill was the wealthiest town in Ohio, according to the ranking, coming in at No. 17 on the list. The average household makes $318,000 annually in Indian Hill.

What is the poorest city in KY?

Detailed List Of The Poorest Places To Live In KentuckyRankCityPoverty Rate1Lebanon30.1%2Somerset33.7%3Mayfield29.0%4Middlesborough40.6%70 more rows

Is Ohio a poor state?

All data are from the United States Census Bureau….States, federal district, and territories.Rank35StateOhio2018 Poverty rate (percent of persons in poverty)13.9%2014 Poverty Rates (includes unrelated children)13.5%Supplemental Poverty Measure (2010–2014 average) (Geographically Adjusted)13.2%53 more columns

What are the poorest cities in Ohio?

Here are the ten poorest places in Ohio for 2020:Cleveland (Photos)Campbell (Photos)Portsmouth (Photos)Dayton (Photos)Zanesville (Photos)Ashtabula (Photos)Canton (Photos)Athens (Photos)More items…

How many millionaires live in Ohio?

More than a quarter-million of Ohio’s 4.7 million households have investable assets of at least $1 million.

Why is living in Ohio so cheap?

It’s all supply and demand. Ohio’s population has been pretty static for the past 40 years while people have continued to build houses in the cities, so if you don’t particularly care where you live it’s possible to get a real bargain. That said, it’s possible to get cheap housing in every state in the union.

What city in Ohio has the best weather?

Which Ohio cities have the best and worst weather?Toledo. Winter percent: 83 | Spring percent: 59. … Cincinnati. Winter percent: 69 | Spring percent: 61. … Columbus. Winter percent: 77 | Spring percent: 68. … Akron. Winter percent: 83 | Spring percent: 74. … Cleveland. Winter percent: 92 | Spring percent: 82. … Dayton. Winter percent: 89 | Spring percent: 94. … Parma. … Canton.More items…•

What is the poorest county in Ohio?

Adams CountyAdams County was ranked the poorest county in Ohio in a recent Wall St.

What is middle class income in Ohio?

Range of household incomes needed to be considered middle class, by family sizeStateSingleCoupleOhio$23,301 – $69,904$32,953 – $98,859Oklahoma$23,223 – $69,669$32,842 – $98,527Oregon$26,041 – $78,124$36,828 – $110,483Pennsylvania$25,676 – $77,028$36,311 – $108,93448 more rows•Jul 15, 2020