Question: What Is The Most Expensive House In Ohio?

What is the biggest house in Columbus Ohio?

This grand riverfront mega mansion is located at 4500 Dublin Road in Columbus, OH and is situated on 6.6 acres overlooking the Scioto River.

It was built in 1990 and features 32,675 square feet of living space in the main house and 2 apartments..

What is the most expensive house in Kentucky?

The Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Kentucky222 E Witherspoon Street #2001, Louisville. Asking price: $3,856,950. … 1151 Delong Road, Lexington. Asking price: $3,900,000. … 1120 Kidds Mill Road E, Versailles. … 1150 Delong Lane, Lexington. … 137 Windmere Court, Bowling Green. … 5802 River Road, Prospect. … 1357 Piney Woods Road, Cadiz. … 635 Iron Works Pike, Lexington.More items…•

Where is the most expensive property?

Hong KongIn 2020, Hong Kong had the most expensive residential property market worldwide, with an average property price of 1.25 million U.S. dollars. The government of Hong Kong provide public housing for lower-income residents and almost 45 percent of the Hong Kong population lived in public permanent housing in 2018.

Who owns the 500 million dollar house?

Nile NiamiNile Niami, the film producer and real-estate developer behind the five-year project, which he anticipates will sell for $500 million (£385 million), is currently tying up the finishing touches before it hits the market.

Who has the biggest house in Kentucky?

This castle-like mansion, dubbed Bloomfield Place, is located at 1202 Delong Place in Lexington, KY and belongs to Alan and Irene Bloomfield.

Who has a biggest house in the world?

To find the largest house in the world, we have to travel all the way to South Mumbai, India. Named Antilia, this private home built in 2010, is the largest in the world, coming in at 400,000 square feet. It also happens to be a 27-story skyscraper.

What is the most expensive house ever made?

World’s Most Expensive MansionsBuckingham Palace, London: $1.55 Billion.Antilia, Mumbai: $1 Billion.Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France: $750 Million.Witanhurst, London: $450 Million.Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco: $400 Million.

What is Bill Gates house worth?

$127.48 millionIt’s worth at least $127 million today. According to the King County public assessor’s office, the property is worth $127.48 million as of this year. Gates purchased the lot for $2 million in 1988.

Which is the biggest house in the world?

Biggest House in the World: Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia, India.

Which billionaire owns the most homes?

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s cofounder and former CEO, has an extensive real estate portfolio. His holdings include multiple homes in Silicon Valley and Lake Tahoe, as well as 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

What is the cheapest house in the world?

Share All sharing options for: World’s Cheapest Home Costs $720 and is Built in One Week. Tata Group, best known for making the world’s cheapest car (which costs $2,500), is taking its talents to the home-building sphere with its new Nano House.

Which celebrity has the most expensive house?

George Clooney’sGeorge Clooney’s house in Italy is worth a staggering $100 million! His $100 million mansion includes 25 bedrooms, a gorgeous lake view, outdoor theater, pool, a fully equipped gym with tennis courts, a pizza room, and more! He has the most expensive house owned by any actor, musician, or professional athlete.