Question: How Do You Write Capabilities?

How do you write a capability statement for a job?

What to Include in Your Capability Statementa concise introduction and profile of your construction company.your contracting business’ core competencies.specific areas of experience and expertise that relate to the project(s)any differentiators that set your company apart, including equipment and facilities.More items…•.

What is a capability statement?

A capability statement is a concise, one page document of your business competencies. Think of it as your business’s resume. Its purpose is to provide specific information that will convince potential customers to do business with you.

What is an example of a capability?

The definition of a capability is something that a person or thing is able to do. When a person can cook, this is an example of a situation where he has the capability to cook. When a computer can open a file, this is an example of a situation where the computer has the capability to open the file.

What is a financial capability statement?

Describe your company’s financial stability and economic capability to perform the grant requirements. Provide your company’s audited financial statements for the past three fiscal years. Financial statements must include the company’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement or Profit/Loss Statements.

What is the capability of a company?

A business capability is what a company needs to be able to do to execute its business strategy. Another way to think about capabilities is as a collection of people, process, and technology gathered for a specific purpose.

What is a capability statement template?

Capability Statement is a snapshot of your company’s strengths and experience doing the work that the agency or company wants or needs. Customize it for each agency or company. … Save this document as “(your company name)’s Capability Statement” and distribute as a PDF, not a Word, Powerpoint or other format.

What is another word for capability?

What is another word for capability?abilitycapacitypowerproficiencyaptitudecompetencyexpertiseknacktalentadeptness229 more rows

What is the definition of capability?

the quality of being capable; capacity; ability: His capability was unquestionable. the ability to undergo or be affected by a given treatment or action: the capability of glass in resisting heat. Usually capabilities.

What is a compatibility statement?

A capability statement is a one-page document that helps small businesses communicate their strengths to the public sector marketplace. … Capability statements give businesses the opportunity to present a high-level overview of the products or services that can be provided.

What should be in a capability statement?

When composing a Capability Statement, use the following section labels: Core Competencies, Past Performance, and Differentiators. These are the key elements that government buyers are looking for so that they can make a speedy decision.

What goes into a capability statement?

A Capability Statement is a document which defines the capabilities, achievements and skills of your business. It is a clear and concise representation of what you offer to potential clients, what sets you apart from your competitors and your track record of accomplishments.

How many pages should a capability statement be?

A Capabilities Statement should be: Brief (only 1 or 2 pages), to the point, and specifically related to the individual agency’s needs. Visually interesting with a graphic identity similar to your company’s brand and logo.