Question: Do GameStop Pro Members Get Discounts?

Do you have to pay for a GameStop membership?

We recently updated our loyalty program, which means you now have the FREE PowerUp Rewards Player membership.

Enjoy the perks!.

What is Pro Day sale at GameStop?

GameStop Pro Day, a one-day-only sale with exclusive discounts for the retailer’s PowerUp Rewards Pro members, returns on Saturday, June 27. Members can save on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One games, as well as accessories and collectibles.

What does GameStop membership value mean?

4 points · 11 months ago. It’s what you’ve saved while having the Pro Membership. Whether it be by saving 10% on preowned or getting 10% extra on trades. It’s all a calculation of those things plus various discounts. GayJonahJameson.

What do GameStop Pro members get?

An instant $5 rewards certificate welcome gift. A $5 monthly coupon – $60 annually (must be redeemed monthly) Choice of two Pro membership levels: $19.99 with physical copy of Game Informer magazine, or $14.99 for digital copy. Exclusive offers and savings during GameStop’s PRO DAY sales.

What is GameStop PRO member?

$50 IN EXCLUSIVE MONTHLY OFFERS: PowerUp Rewards Pro members receive a minimum of $50 in value every month. The offers will be printed and featured in-store, in Game Informer magazine, on GameStop TV and in monthly email communications to members. * A coupon is required to take advantage of these Pro exclusives.

What are GameStop points good for?

For all purchases made at GameStop , PowerUp Rewards members receive points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including gaming gear and collectibles available in the PowerUp Rewards Catalog and rare game-related rewards and experiences.

How does GameStop store credit work?

Store credit, as its name implies, works on almost anything you can find in the store or on, including electronics, accessories and games. … Instead of getting your credit on a GameStop card, you can opt to get it on one of many other gift cards.

How many points is a dollar at GameStop?

ten pointsIt’s ten points to the dollar for every dollar you spend on new product. Twenty points to the dollar for pre-owned product. If you have the pro card as opposed to basic those point values are doubled. The rewards system is based on a one thousand points = one dollar.

Do GameStop reward certificates expire?

Apparently, rewards certificates don’t have a specific expiration date. Instead they expire as a group in 3-month intervals.

What is a GameStop loyalty card?

Become a GameStop Plus member to collect Carrots on every purchase, pre-order and every time you trade at GameStop. Collect enough Carrots and you’ll level up to unlock even greater benefits!

Does GameStop give discounts?

Gamestop offers a 10% discount off all new video game software and accessories plus all pre-owned software, hardware and accessories and all collectibles. The Gamestop military discount program is available to all veterans and active-duty personnel and is available at all GameStop U.S. store locations.

Does GameStop give you anything for your birthday?

GameStop. Get a coupon every year on your birthday. The most current birthday offer is 20 percent off the next purchase of a pre-owned game.